ipod nano chrom 4th gen, absolutely slim and sleek

ipodnano_black_image3_20080909apple launch new ipod generation (known as 4th generation) and imply in nano family ipod. apple give it name nano chromatic, based on body which have some colour. its design different with any other old model, very slim, small but too slick cause its curve side and glossy face. u must to be carefull if handle it on ur hand, make sure ur hand not wet or for comfortable, use add on case for ur ipod.

new fitur on this ipod nano chorm are :

  • new 2.0 inch display, with clear resolution
  • shake control to suffle play,
  • accelerometer for change display between landscape or portrait depend on ipod position,
  • genius application, it scan used for cretae playlist music base on your mood
  • 3 default game which u can control it by actuate the ipod
  • new add on such as contact save, notes, alarm
  • video and picture playback, but on landscape view
  • support only with itunes 8 software, old itunes can’t used

for overall performance, as long as im satisfy for it. the battery can sustainable for almost 24 hours if playing music, very interesting..

if u buy it, u will get one earphone (thats very2 expensive, for now the price is 300 USD), one usb cable, and some tutorial notes. for itunes software, u can download from apple.com, or copy it on the shop.

for information, i buy it in ambassador mall, emax counter, about 140 USD (with dollar rate on 12000 rupiahs). the counter sales is very friendly, and u can discuss with him or consultation too.

overall, its very nice gadget, but the fiture still narrow. my poin => **** (four star from six star)

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